Free Tree Guards

Posted: October 29, 2020 in Street Department News

Free Tree Guards

Decorah Tree Board Offering Free Tree Guards

Decorah, IA (October 26, 2020) – During the fall and winter, wildlife can severely damage young trees. Deer browse the twigs, rabbits and small rodents eat the bark at the base of the trees, and deer rub their antlers on the trunks of the trees. Antler rubbing, which removes the bark and vital tissue underneath, is a special threat at this time of year.

To assist property owners in protecting young trees planted in boulevards, the Decorah Tree Board is offering free tree guards while the supply lasts. The guards are made of sturdy plastic and are wrapped around the trunks of the trees, providing a barrier that discourages deer from rubbing and rabbits from eating the bark.

To request tree guards, contact the Tree Board by e-mail at Please note that the tree guards are only available for trees planted in boulevards along Decorah streets.

Property owners can also make their own tree guards using hardware cloth, chicken wire, or fencing material. Deer rubbing usually occurs at a height of 1 to 4 feet, so homemade guards should extend
to a height of at least 4 feet. When fabricating a guard, remember that rabbits can climb on snowbanks and eat the bark as far as they can reach.

Please contact the Street Department at 382-2157 or City Hall at 382-3651 with any questions.