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Airport Commission

Mayor Appointment With Council Approval
Meet Wednesday after 2nd Monday of Each Month - Decorah Municipal Airport Lounge - 4:00 pm
6-year terms - 5 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Brett Willie, ChairTerm Expires: 12/5/22Appointment: 2/18/02Phone: 563-382-9616
Name: Keith FabianTerm Expires: 12/5/19Appointment: 1/6/14Phone: 507-272-1296
Name: Pete MarsoTerm Expires: 12/5/25Appointment: 1/6/20Phone: 563-379-1059
Name: Rick HadleyTerm Expires: 12/5/21Appointment: 5/20/19Phone: 319-981-0929
Name: Kevin ThompsonTerm Expires: 12/5/22 Appointment: 12/19/16Phone: 563-382-1041
Name: Mike Connell, Fixed Base OperatorTerm Expires: Appointment: Phone: 563-382-8338
Name: Brian PetersburgTerm Expires: 12/5/24Appointment: 1/7/19Phone: 563-380-8073

Board of Adjustment of Zoning

Board of Adjustment of Zoning

Council Appointment
Meet 1st Wednesday of Each Month - City Hall Council Chambers- 5:15 p.m.
5-year terms - 5 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Kraig TweedTerm Expires: 12/7/23Appointment: 1/7/19Phone: 563-380-9131
Name: Janelle PavlovecTerm Expires: 12/7/19Appointment: 1/4/10Phone: 563-380-8841
Name: Sue SanderTerm Expires: 12/7/20Appointment: 12/20/10Phone: 563-382-8172
Name: Carol HagenTerm Expires: 12/7/21Appointment: 1/17/17Phone: 563-382-4007
Name: John JenkinsTerm Expires: 12/7/22Appointment: 5/21/18Phone: 563-517-1103

Cable TV Commission

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Daniel Kirkeby, ChairTerm Expires: 1/1/18Appointment: Phone: 612-720-8860
Name: Randy BorsethTerm Expires: 1/1/20Appointment: -Phone: 563-379-4066
Name: Dave PahlasTerm Expires: 1/1/20Appointment: -Phone: 563-380-7158
Name: VacantTerm Expires: 1/1/18Appointment: -Phone:
Name: Dennis EllingsonTerm Expires: 1/1/18Appointment: -Phone: 563-379-3056

City Planning and Zoning Commission

Mayor Appointment With Council Approval
Meet 2nd Monday of Each Month - City Hall Council Chambers - 7:00 p.m.
5-year terms - 7 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhoneEmail
Name: Ryan DelaneyTerm Expires: 1/7/24Appointment: 1/22/19Phone: 563-380-0621Email:
Name: Jared EssaTerm Expires: 1/7/25Appointment: 2/17/20Phone: 563-419-8635Email:
Name: VacantTerm Expires: Appointment: Phone: Email:
Name: Joel ZookTerm Expires: 1/7/24Appointment: 4/3/17Phone: 563-380-7137Email:
Name: Nathan ThompsonTerm Expires: 1/7/25Appointment: 6/2/16Phone: 563-277-0086Email:
Name: Tony ClarkeTerm Expires: 1/7/22Appointment: 1/3/17Phone: 563-277-5262Email:
Name: Barbara MassmanTerm Expires: 1/7/22Appointment: 1/17/12Phone: 563-382-5712Email:

Civil Service Commission

Mayor Appointment With Council Approval
6 years terms - 3 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Larry Stevenson, ChairTerm Expires: 1st Monday in April 2020Appointment: 2/18/02Phone: -
Name: Annette SchweinefusTerm Expires: 1st Monday in April 2024Appointment: 6/5/17Phone: -
Name: Rhonda AlbertTerm Expires: 1st Monday in April 2022Appointment: 4/15/19Phone: -

Decorah MetroNet (DMN) 28E Board

Member NameAgency RepresentedPhone
Member Name: Kurt DeVoreAgency Represented: Decorah SchoolsPhone:
Member Name: Jon LubkeAgency Represented: Winneshiek CountyPhone:
Member Name: Brian LenschAgency Represented: Winneshiek Medical CenterPhone:
Member Name: Mark FranzAgency Represented: Luther CollegePhone:
Member Name: Chad BirdAgency Represented: City of DecorahPhone: 563-382-3651

Decorah Tree Committee

Council Appointment
Meet Last Thursday of Each Month - City Hall Council Chambers - 5:30 p.m.
3 year terms - 7 members 

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Scott Timm, ChairTerm Expires: 12/31/20Appointment: 4/4/16Phone:
Name: Mark FaldetTerm Expires: 12/31/21Appointment: -Phone: 563-387-1425
Name: Brent ParkerTerm Expires: 12/31/20Appointment: 5/20/19Phone: 563-422-7557
Name: Peter van der LindenTerm Expires: 12/31/21Appointment: 3/21/16Phone: 563-382-4282
Name: Dick GuilgotTerm Expires: 12/31/21Appointment: 3/21/16Phone: 563-382-6434
Name: Drew PellettTerm Expires: 12/31/21Appointment: 1/7/19Phone: 563-382-5779
Name: Tina HallTerm Expires: 12/31/22Appointment: 4/5/19Phone: 906-235-1169
Name: Sam Hogenson, City ForesterTerm Expires: Appointment: Phone: 563-277-5153

Historical Preservation Commission

Mayor Appointment With Council Approval
Meets 2nd Tuesday of Each Month - City Hall Council Chambers - 7:30 p.m.
3 year staggered terms – 7 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Mark Muggli, ChairTerm Expires: 6/30/22Appointment: 9/2/14Phone: 563-382-9863
Name: Diane SchollTerm Expires: 6/30/21Appointment: 12/15/14Phone: 563-382-4802
Name: Steve KelsayTerm Expires: 6/30/22Appointment: 9/6/16Phone: 540-497-1565
Name: Hayley JacksonTerm Expires: 6/30/21Appointment: 6/5/17Phone: 563-387-1725
Name: Adrienne CoffeenTerm Expires: 6/30/22Appointment: 9/18/17Phone: 563-382-5353
Name: Judy Vander LindenTerm Expires: 6/30/22Appointment: 3/21/16Phone: 563-382-4282
Name: Lois HumpalTerm Expires: 6/30/21Appointment: 4/3/17Phone: 563-380-8080

Human Rights Commission

Formed January 2006

Mayor Appointment With Council Approval
Meet 1st Tuesday of Each Month - City Hall Council Chambers - 5:30 p.m.
3 year staggered terms – 7 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Melissa Koch, ChairTerm Expires: 2/1/21Appointment: 9/18/17Phone: 415-867-7321
Name: Siri StevenTerm Expires: 2/1/23Appointment: 8/3/20Phone: 563-380-8657
Name: Lisa ScottTerm Expires: 2/1/21Appointment: 2/1/18Phone: 563-387-1834
Name: Andrew EllingsenTerm Expires: 2/1/22Appointment: 4/5/19Phone: 952-457-3213
Name: Tiffany MacklinTerm Expires: 2/1/21Appointment: 12/18/17Phone: 612-226-6487
Name: Ben Krouse-GagneTerm Expires: 2/1/23Appointment: 8/3/20Phone: 612-940-8440
Name: vacantTerm Expires: Appointment: Phone:


Library Board of Trustees

Mayor Appointment With Council Approval
Meet 2nd Monday of Each Month - Decorah Public Library - 4:00 p.m.
6-year terms - 9 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Andrea Beckendorf, PresidentTerm Expires: 7/1/22Appointment: 6/7/10Phone: 563-387-0936
Name: Pat Anderson, Vice PresidentTerm Expires: 7/1/20Appointment: 5/19/14Phone: 563-382-3108
Name: Alexandra White, SecretaryTerm Expires: 7/1/20Appointment: 4/21/14Phone: 563-382-6338
Name: Andrew HagemanTerm Expires: 7/1/24Appointment: 5/21/18Phone: 530-902-6504
Name: Cheryl PelletTerm Expires: 7/1/20Appointment: -Phone: 563-382-5779
Name: Elliott JohnsonTerm Expires: 7/1/24Appointment: 5/21/18Phone: 563-419-7110
Name: Scott FjelstulTerm Expires: 7/1/24Appointment: -Phone: 563-382-5210
Name: Ed BrooksTerm Expires: 7/1/22Appointment: Rural RepresentativePhone: 563-380-9498
Name: Robert FeldeTerm Expires: 7/1/22Appointment: 6/2/16Phone: 563-382-4612

Low Rent Housing Agency

Mayor Appointment With Council Approval
2-year terms - 5 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Katie Nolte, Housing Department Head Low Rent Housing merged with UERPC 1/1/2020Term Expires: Appointment: Phone: 563-864-7551

Municipal Communications Utility Board of Trustees

Mayor Appointment With Council Approval
6 year staggered terms – 5 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Jarrad Walter, ChairTerm Expires: 5/31/21Appointment: -Phone: 512-577-0422
Name: Paul MattsonTerm Expires: 05/31/24Appointment: -Phone: 507-261-0769
Name: Peter SharpTerm Expires: 5/31/25Appointment: -Phone: 510-338-8873
Name: VacantTerm Expires: Appointment: -Phone:
Name: Lydia AndersenTerm Expires: 5/31/23Appointment: -Phone: 563-203-0137

Park & Recreation Commission

Meet 3rd Thursday of Each Month - Council Chambers City Hall - 7:00 p.m. (subject to change)
4 year terms - 5 members

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Richard Gaard, ChairTerm Expires: 12/31/19Appointment: -Phone: -
Name: Kathy BakkenTerm Expires: 12/31/19Appointment: -Phone: -
Name: Brian FuhrmannTerm Expires: 12/31/23Appointment: 1/1/20Phone: -
Name: Cindy AlbersTerm Expires: 12/31/21Appointment: -Phone: -
Name: Shirley VermaceTerm Expires: 12/31/21Appointment: 1/1/14Phone: -

Solid Waste Committee

NameTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Dave PahlasTerm Expires: -Appointment: -Phone: 563-380-7158

TIF/LMI Commission

Established By Ordinance - January 22, 2013

Mayor Appoints At-Large Member. All Affirmed By Council
3 year terms (no more than 2 consecutive terms) - 5 members
1 - Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors
1 - City Council Member
2 - At-Large

NameRepresentingTerm ExpiresAppointmentPhone
Name: Steve Luse, ChairRepresenting: City CouncilTerm Expires: 3/18/2019Appointment: Phone: 563-379-2327
Name: John BeardRepresenting: NEICACTerm Expires: 03/18/2020Appointment: Phone: 563-382-8128
Name: Pat RunningRepresenting: Habitat For HumanityTerm Expires: 03/18/2021Appointment: Phone: 563-419-0668
Name: Keith BrueningRepresenting: Mayor AppointeeTerm Expires: 03/18/2020Appointment: Phone: -
Name: Jan HeikesRepresenting: Mayor AppointeeTerm Expires: 03/18/2021Appointment: Phone: -

Sustainability Commission

Mayor appointment w/Council approval

Meet (TBD)  of the Month - City Hall Council Chambers -  time (TBD)

6 - year terms - 7 members

Name TermContact numberAppointment
Name : Michelle BarnessTerm: 6/30/22Contact number: 612-242-8883Appointment: 6/15/20
Name : Ben GrimstadTerm: 6/30/22Contact number: 563-380-2619Appointment: 6/15/20
Name : Molly McNicollTerm: 6/30/23Contact number: 612-281-0604Appointment: 6/15/20
Name : Brent ParkerTerm: 6/30/23Contact number: 563-422-7557Appointment: 6/15/20
Name : Ann MansfieldTerm: 6/30/24Contact number: 563-419-4116Appointment: 6/15/20
Name : Jeremy LeitzTerm: 6/30/25Contact number: 563-568-2148Appointment: 6/15/20
Name : Jim Martin-SchrammTerm: 6/30/26Contact number: 563-202-0909Appointment: 6/15/20


For more information on duties and functions of each board, please see the Decorah Municipal Code.

(Updated 2/17/17)