Human Rights Commission

Our Mission

To increase community awareness and appreciation of human diversity through educational programs and to investigate alleged claims of discriminatory practices and provide appropriate remedies where discrimination has been found to exist.

The Commission was formed pursuant to a Civil Rights ordinance (City Code Section 2.50) passed in Decorah in 2005. The 7 member Commission formed in 2006 investigates complaints in the areas of education, housing, public accommodations, employment and credit.

The Commission also advocates for diversity education and awareness in the community.

Board Members

Formed January 2006

Mayor Appointment With Council Approval

Meet 1st Tuesday of Each Month - City Hall Council Chambers - 5:30 p.m.

3 year staggered terms – 7 members

Name Term Expires Appointment Phone
Name: Melissa Koch, Chair Term Expires: 2/1/24 Appointment: 9/18/17 Phone: 415-867-7321
Name: Siri Steven Term Expires: 2/1/23 Appointment: 8/3/20 Phone: 563-380-8657
Name: Rowan Collins Term Expires: 2/1/24 Appointment: 12/7/20 Phone: 617-314-0702
Name: Joshua Ratel-Khan Term Expires: 2/1/25 Appointment: 1/18/22 Phone: 708-710-6143
Name: Sandhya Purohit Caton Term Expires: 2/1/24 Appointment: 2/1/21 Phone: 563-379-9463
Name: Ben Krouse-Gagne Term Expires: 2/1/23 Appointment: 8/3/20 Phone: 612-940-8440
Name: Maria Leitz Term Expires: 2/1/25 Appointment: 1/18/22 Phone: 563-419-7629