Water Department Staff

Water Department's Personnel

  • Todd Ihde - Water Superintendent
  • Rick Bohr - Assistant Water Superintendent
  • Dennis Myhre
  • Jeremy Carolan
  • Jon Young
  • Jason Hovey

Major Responsibilities

  • Repair and maintenance of water mains.
  • Repair and maintenance of city sewer lines.
  • Keep records of repairs of all water mains, sewer lines, and work done by Contractors.
  • Keep records and maintain all wells, booster stations, and lift stations daily.
  • Up-date and repair all water meters.
  • Read the water meters, record readings and check for high usage.
  • Do daily test’s on the quality of the City water.
  • Have stand-by pumps ready for flood control.
  • Mow designated areas throughout the city in the summer, and shovel designated side-walks in the winter.
  • Flush, maintain and replace all fire hydrants.
  • Assist with development of GIS/GPS Systems.

Major Equipment