101 Pleasant Hill Drive




John J. and Angela (Moore) Blodgett


101 Pleasant Hill Drive Decorah, IA 52101

Year Built


Architectural Style

Colonial Revival

The original unfinished redwood siding gives this two-level house a distinguished, historic look that feels much like the original Colonial houses. The ground story has horizontal siding, and the second story has vertical. Note that the vertical boards have notched bottom corners, and just below the notches is a row of widely-spaced mini-brackets/dentils, all of which add design interest to the exterior elevations. Altfillisch’s original project sheet notes that part of the house is two stories, and part one-and-a-half, a feature, again, that adds considerable interest to the house’s exterior. The chimney backs an interior fireplace.

The more recent one-story stone addition to the left, including a two-car garage, has a very different feel from the main house, but it does mimic the different sized accretions typical of some of the early Colonial houses.

John Blodgett was a Decorah dentist, as was his son James and grandson Peter. Angela Blodgett attended St. Cathryne College (Winona MN), and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. She taught in the Decorah school system.

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