312 Riverview Dr




Roderick C. and Fay (Pelton) Weagant


312 Riverview Dr Decorah, IA 52101

Year Built


Architectural Style

Colonial Revival

This is a straightforward Colonial Revival house that doesn’t differ a great deal from other Altfillisch Colonial designs or from similar homes by other architects or available for purchase through contemporary stylebooks. In fact Colonial Revival houses were some of the most popular American homes between 1900 and 1950, and up to the present. In one of his project books, Altfillisch simply identifies it as a “1 ½ story house” without noting the style. The blueprints, which are still with the house, include plans for asbestos siding, with the option to switch to 8” wood siding; evidently the Weagants chose the latter.

The home’s third owners, who owned the home from about 2006-18, were pleased at how much the home matched the blueprints. They noted the beautiful quarter-sawn oak floors and the unpainted window sills. They stripped the kitchen cabinets back to their original wood. One distinctive feature was a pullout step–something like a bread board, but only 18” off the floor–that allowed a short person to reach up to the highest kitchen cabinets. Like many other Altfillisch home owners, they commented on the small kitchen. But they noted that both the living room and the upstairs primary bedroom ran from the front of the house to the back and were therefore quite spacious.

C. Weagant sold insurance out of this house at 312 Riverview from the 1940s up into the 1960s. Fay Weagant is mentioned often in the Decorah newspapers as a star golfer. By the 1980s the couple was living in Arizona.

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