605 North St




Adrian and Orene (Madson) Docken


605 North St Decorah, IA 52101

Year Built


Architectural Style

Usonian Midcentury Modern

Adrian Docken was an internationally renowned chemist who began teaching at Luther College in 1942. Orene was a conservatory trained violinist and member of a number of symphony orchestras, who taught music in public schools and privately.

605 North St. is a mirror image of 603 North St., and was built in the same year, both by Luther College professors. A later owner of 603 remarked that he was envious of the striking stone chimney of 605, given that the 603 chimney was concrete poured within forms to resemble brick, and later stuccoed and painted. We don’t at this point know if the stone chimney on 605 is original.

For a much fuller description of the house, see the entry for 603 North St.

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