[Dahl] Centennial Union




Luther College

Building Name

Centennial Union

Year Built


Architectural Style

Midcentury Modern Contemporary

The Centennial Union was named for the college’s 100th anniversary observed during the 1960-61 school year, though the entire building was not fully completed until 1973. In 2006, the Union was extensively remodeled and renamed the Bert M. and Mildred O. Dahl Centennial Union in recognition of the Dahl family’s project funding.

Designed with a Midcentury Modern approach that was primarily rectilinear and spare, the building’s masonry decoration was applied to the façade and evidenced through the organic undulations of its western roof line (both nonextant). The building takes advantage of its site at the crest of the bluff to appear low-rise from the east, or central campus, but actually is two to three stories tall on the west side and offers a remarkable river valley view. The 2006 remodeling project included a new east side façade. The opposite, west side of the building, was altered by at least 1986 with window replacements and a redesigned roof line. These alterations leave the original 1961 Altfillisch Midcentury Modern building with poor integrity, and it is therefore a noncontributing building in the Luther College Campus Historic District.

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