Facilities Service Building




Luther College

Building Name

Facilities Service Building

Year Built


Architectural Style

Ranch Style

This is a concrete block Ranch-style building clad in a red-brick veneer. The brick is bonded with bright white mortar. It sits across a service road from the Korsrud heating plant on a slope so the lower level that faces Korsrud is exposed. Three overhead doors on that lower level open into a garage area. A fourth overhead door on the upper level is either a part of a very early addition or in an original wing. The overall roofline is hipped with the wing’s roofline also hipped but much shallower. The rear roof of the building ends in a gable. The upper floor was planned in 1965 mostly as storage space with restrooms and an office in one corner. The wing, which seamlessly blends with the rest of the building, is devoted to a loading bay and likely provided more interior storage space. In 1993, the interior was renovated according to college archive records, but it is unknown if the windows were changed at this time. The building in its style and materials bridges the non-luther residential properties to the south with the Luther campus to the north. The records give Altfillisch’s name for this building, but the Luther College archives has a bill for services that identifies the hours of Roger Olson, Roy Nelson, and Jerry Aulwes, suggesting that architect Roger Olson was perhaps primarily responsible for the building design. Given Altfillisch’s retirement around 1963, this seems plausible.

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