Mission of the Decorah Human Rights Commission

To increase community awareness and appreciation of human diversity through educational programs and to investigate alleged claims of discriminatory practices and provide appropriate remedies where discrimination has been found to exist.

The Commission was formed pursuant to a Civil Rights ordinance (City Code Section 2.50) passed in Decorah in 2005. The 7 member Commission formed in 2006 investigates complaints in the areas of education, housing, public accommodations, employment and credit.

The Commission also advocates for diversity education and awareness in the community.


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On Tuesday, July 14th and 15th the Decorah Human Rights Commission, the City of Decorah, and the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce hosted two sessions led by Elizabeth Johnson, Executive Director of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. Audio recordings of the online sessions as well as copies of presentation slides are available below.

You & Your Iowa Civil Rights

Recorded Tuesday, July 14th 2020

Designed for the general public

Learn about the five areas in which discrimination is prohibited under the Iowa Civil Rights Act: Education, Housing, Employment, Public Accommodations, and Credit. Through this lecture, participants will learn about their civil rights as employees, tenants or homeowners, students, customers, and borrowers.

Audio Recording at https://youtu.be/QPLsLVQL040

Download Presentation Slides


Know Your Iowa Civil Rights, Grow Your Business

Recorded Wednesday, July 15th 2020

Designed for business owners, nonprofit leaders, and employees

Learn about the Iowa Civil Rights Act's prohibitions against discrimination in employment and in public accommodations. Through lecture and discussions, participants will gain an understanding of the laws, their rights, and their obligations to employees and customers. Participants are encouraged to come to the training with questions and scenarios to discuss.

Audio Recording at https://youtu.be/vUZmS5SvX0w

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