Reminders and Notices

Decorah Fiber – Background

In November 2015, an overwhelming majority of Decorah citizens (94%) voted YES to the formation of a municipal telecommunications utility. The measure was supported by the community so strongly because of dissatisfaction with current providers and the strong belief that bringing 21st century broadband infrastructure to Decorah was vital to the community’s future growth and success.

A feasibility study was conducted to provide guidance on the likely cost of a network as well as overall financials. To continue our evaluation Decorah has retained one of the country’s most respected telecommunications consultants, CCG Consulting, to refine the original feasibility study and provide a more detailed analysis of costs and benefits. The other part of this new effort is to identify the customer base through a pledge form campaign.

The future of better broadband is in your hands! Take the Decorah Fiber Pledge to show your support for a community-owned fiber network to bring better broadband to everyone. Go to to find out more about the project, our planned services and prices, and to take the pledge!