Tree Board's Mission

Our Board encourages community residents to plant trees so that future generations may enjoy the benefits of reduced pollution, increased habitat for wildlife, and the conservation of energy from the natural air conditioning and wind protection that a diverse tree cover provides.

Decorah Tree Board

Board Members

  • Jeremy Bril
  • Vacant
  • Scott Timm
  • Mark Faldet
  • Peter van der Linden
  • Dick Guilgot
  • Mike Weis


City Forester: Robin Sailor

Extension Service:

Iowa Urban Forester:

DNR District Forester:

  • 515-228-6611

Resource Conservation & Development:

  • 319-864-7112

Planting Trees in Decorah

You need a permit from the City Forester to plant a tree in the right-of-way within six feet of any street or road in the City of Decorah. The reason is to avoid hazards for motorists and damage to underground service facilities.

Before digging, you must contact IOWA ONE CALL at 1-800-292-8989 to find out whether there are underground service facilities on the site you choose. The City Forester can help you do this.