Biosolids are an organic by-product generated from wastewater treatment. They are rich in nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus and are used by farmers to enhance soil conditions. Plants need a complex mixture of nutrients, soil, air and water to grow. Biosolids contain many essential plant nutrients. As the biosolids decompose in the soil, they release nutrients in soluble forms that plants can utilize. Biosolids increase soil fertility for several years after application.

The City of Decorah Wastewater Treatment Plant produced 140 dry tons of biosolids in 2013. That is equivalent to 1,121,607 gallons. The City of Decorah Wastewater Treatment Plant biosolid program is committed to effectively managing and utilizes 100% of the biosolids produced through beneficial agricultural land application. The WWTP adheres to the guidelines and regulations set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Code of Federal Register (CFR) 40 part 503 and also the Iowa Department of Natural Recourses rules and regulations.