There are various printed and archival historic preservation resources available in the collections of the Decorah Genealogy Association, the Decorah Public Library, the Luther College Preus Library, the Winneshiek County Historical Society, and the Vesterheim Museum Library. There are also a huge variety of more general materials available on the Internet.

The following are a few examples of available materials that the DHPC has found useful:

  • The 2010      Planning for Preservation document was commissioned by the Decorah Historic Preservation Commission, was funded by a CLG grant from the State of Iowa, and was written by local architectural historian David Anderson. The document provides an extensive survey of Decorah’s cultural/historical context, a useful bibliography, and a detailed set of planning goals.
  • Pamela Jo Buresh’s 1982 University of Iowa M.A. thesis,      Nineteenth Century Home Architecture Of Decorah Iowa, although of limited scope, provides some useful history and interpretation of approximately forty houses included in the 1899 photo collection Picturesque Decorah.
  • National Park Service Department of the Interior Technical Preservation Services topic list is regularly updated and includes a huge number of specific preservation topics.
  • The State Historical Society of Iowa includes a State Historical Preservation Office division whose activities and resources are outlined here.