Road Work Ahead Newsletter 11-25-2020

Newsletter November 25, 2020

Newsletter November 25, 2020

Locust Road Improvements

At long last! We are very excited to announce that Locust Road was opened for traffic on Wednesday, November 25th. A commemorative ribbon cutting was held on November 25th to celebrate the opening of the road.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.”
-Henry Ford

City officials, contractors, project partners, and community members commemorated the opening of Locust Road with a ribbon cutting.

While Locust Road will now be open for normal traffic, construction activity will continue on a few items outside the roadway. These include removal of existing utility poles, installation of new streetlights, burying of utility lines, constructing new rock ditch checks, and erosion control.

Important Info: Mail Delivery and Garbage Collection

Normal operation of mail delivery and garbage collection for residents along Locust Road will resume after Sunday, November 29th.

A Special Thanks

We would again like to thank the entire community for their patience during the Locust Road project. In addition, we would like to acknowledge the hard work of the numerous contractors, engineers, surveyors, and other contributors who helped make the Locust Road project a success. We would like to extend a special thanks to:

• McClure Engineering
• Skyline Construction, Inc.
• Wicks Construction, Inc.
• Bruening Rock Products, Inc.
• Croell Ready Mix
• Tara Erosion Control LLC
• Iowa Plains Signing, Inc.
• W.K. Construction Company
• Lovewell Fencing, Inc.

Quarry Street Improvements

The contractor will soon be finishing work on the Quarry Street improvements project. Remaining work includes a few minor street repairs, sidewalk installation, and backfilling. The project is expected to be substantially complete within the next week or two.

Questions? Contact Us.

City Engineer (563) 382-2157

City Hall (563) 382-3651

Pine Crest Drive and Locust Road Intersection Update

Intersection of Pine Crest Drive and Locust Road to Open on 11/20

Decorah, IA (November 18, 2020) – The City of Decorah is notifying residents that the intersection of Pine Crest Drive and Locust Road should be open by the end of the day on Friday, November 20th. With this opening, the local detour of Ridge Road to Pine Crest Drive to Locust Road will be accessible.

There will be a temporary closure of the intersection during the day on Monday, November 23rd to allow the contractor to install pavement markings.

The City would like to extend thanks and appreciation for everyone’s patience throughout the Locust Road project. The entire road is expected to be opened in the first part of December.

The schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions. Please contact the Street Department at 382-2157 or City Hall at 382-3651 with any questions.


Road Work Ahead Newsletter 11-05-2020

Newsletter November 5, 2020

Newsletter November 5, 2020

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Locust Road Improvements

It has been a very busy week of paving on Locust Road. This past Monday and Tuesday, crews paved
the northbound half of the road from 613 Locust Road to the Pine Crest Drive intersection. On
Friday (11/6) and Saturday (11/7), crews will be paving the southbound half of this same stretch.

During the week of November 9ᵗʰ, the contractor is planning to pave the intersection of Locust Road
and Pine Crest Drive. Just to the north of Pine Crest Drive, the contractor will also be working on
paving the transition area between the new, wider section of Locust Road and the existing road.
Weather permitting, the intersection of Pine Crest Drive and Locust Road should be open to traffic
sometime the week of November 16ᵗʰ.

As work on the street paving progresses, crews will continue to work on driveway approaches and the
new sidewalk that is being installed between College Drive and
Shady Lane.

Quarry Street Improvements

Crews are nearly finished with the installation of the new storm sewer pipe on Quarry Street. The
contractor is currently working on constructing a new intake structure on College Drive to aid in
capturing surface water from the street that will now be directed into the new storm sewer.

After the storm sewer work is complete, the portion of the street that has been removed will be
repaired. A new sidewalk will also be installed on the south side of Quarry Street from College
Drive to the east end of the project.

After the paver places the concrete, finish work follows close behind. This includes application of
curing compound, grooving, and cutting joints (photo courtesy
of McClure Engineering).

Questions? Contact Us.

City Engineer
(563) 382-2157

City Hall
(563) 382-3651

Pine Crest Drive and Locust Road to Be Closed Starting 10/21

Intersection of Pine Crest Drive and Locust Road to Be Closed Starting on 10/21

Decorah, IA (October 16, 2020) – The City of Decorah is notifying residents that starting on Wednesday, October 21, the east end of Pine Crest Drive will be closed at Locust Road. As a result, there will be no thru traffic from Locust Road to Pine Crest Drive. This means that residents using the local detour of Ridge Road to Pine Crest Drive to Locust Road will need to use the official detour or alternative routes.

The closure is needed to allow the contractor to make the planned improvements to the Locust Road and Pine Crest Drive intersection. This includes grading, new pavement, and new storm sewer pipe. The work is expected to last for a few weeks. The schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions.

Please contact the Street Department at 382-2157 or City Hall at 382-3651 with any questions.

Pinecrest and Locust Rd Closure

Road Work Ahead Newsletter 10-13-2020

Newsletter October 13, 2020

Newsletter October 13 2020

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Locust Road Improvements
Construction on Locust Road continues to move along nicely. The contractor has started paving the
first section of the road which runs from College Drive to just beyond 613 Locust Road. The north
half of this section was paved last week, and the south half will be paved starting on Friday,
October 16ᵗʰ. The contractor will be contacting residents to coordinate access to driveways during
the paving process. Thank you for your patience.
Contractors finish paving the north half of Locust Road near the intersection with College Drive
(photo courtesy of McClure Engineering).
After the contractor has completed both sides of the first section of the road, they will start
paving the second section which will run from 613 Locust Road to Pine Crest Drive. This second
section will be a “rural” cross section, which means the road will be a few feet wider but will not
have any curb and gutter.

In this section, water will flow through road ditches and new culverts that have been installed
under driveways and at several areas that cross underneath
Locust Road.

As paving of the road progresses, the
contractor will also be working on paving new driveway approaches and installing new sidewalk.
Again, the contractor will notify
residents if access will be limited.

Thank YOU.
We greatly appreciate everyone’s continued patience through this disruptive construction season,
especially those directly impacted by reduced access or increased traffic due to a detour. We know
projects like these are an inconvenience, so we want to thank you again for your patience,
endurance, and understanding.

Quarry Street Improvements
Construction on the Quarry Street project started last week with the contractor installing the new
storm sewer at the east end of the street. The contractor will work from east to west and connect
to the existing pipe on College Drive.

Because of the flat grade through this area, large arch pipe will be used instead of regular
circular pipe. The arch pipe provides the same capacity as conventional circular pipe but can be
installed in areas where
conditions require shallower installation.

Questions? Contact Us.
City Engineer (563) 382-2157
City Hall
(563) 382-3651

Decorah City Clerk/Treasurer Inducted into ILC Hall of Fame

Wanda Hemesath Iowa League Hall of FameDecorah, IA (September 10, 2020) – The City of Decorah and the Iowa League of Cities announced Wanda Hemesath, Decorah City Clerk / Treasurer has been inducted into the League’s Hall of Fame.

The Iowa League of Cities created the Hall of Fame Award to recognize individuals who have provided extraordinary public service to the League and local government.

Hemesath has served the City of Decorah for more than 40 years and has been actively involved in State level panels, committees, and leadership programs for many years.

One of her greatest passions has been as an advocate for cities in Municipal Fire & Police Retirement System (MFPRSI) Summit discussions, lobbying for reform that is both equitable for cities but also fair for employees. There are few in the State that understand the nuances of Chapter 411 and fewer that truly comprehend the lasting impact of this system on municipalities.

“Few people pour their entire lives into a passion that motivates them with desire to help others, grow and strengthen their communities and improve their organizations. This inductee has continued to exemplify that passion and desire for her community and the city for more than 40 years”, said Larry Nagle, a current public official and Hall of Fame member.

She has been a student of the profession, always learning and engaging and she has become a teacher of the craft, sharing her experiences and skills with so many others. Hemesath has worked for the City of Decorah 41 years. She held several positions within the administrative office and has served in her current capacity the past 26 years.

Hemesath attained the Master Municipal Clerk certification from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks in 2005 and the Iowa Municipal Clerk certification in 2006. She served on the Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association (IMFOA) Executive Board of Directors for 10 years and was the President in 2003. She served on the Iowa League of Cities Curriculum Committee 2010 and 2011. Professional affiliations include International Institute for Municipal Clerks, Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association, Northeast Iowa Clerks Association and the Northeast Iowa Safety Alliance, since 2011 as President. Wanda currently serves on the IMWCA Board of Trustees.

The Iowa League of Cities’ Hall of Fame is not limited to city officials, but includes individuals who have provided exceptional support to city government and extraordinary service to cities in training, education, and development of local leadership, advocating for cities and good local government, and providing exceptional professional assistance and support to cities.

The Iowa League of Cities is the oldest, continuously operating municipal league in the country. Founded in 1898, the League is a not-for-profit organization that advocates for issues affecting cities throughout Iowa. The League provides wide-ranging services for cities including research, workshops, reports, publications, pooled investments and risk management. Decorah is a member of the Iowa League of Cities.

Additional questions may be directed to the office of the City Manager, City Hall, 400 Claiborne Drive, Decorah, IA 52101.


Decorah Parks & Recreation Administrative Coordinator Receives Award

Judy Syverson AwardDecorah, IA (September 10, 2020) – The City of Decorah and the Iowa Parks & Recreation Association announced Judy Syverson, Parks & Recreation Department Administrative Coordinator has been named the Administrative Coordinator of the Year.

The Iowa Parks & Recreation Association created the Administrative Coordinator of the Year award to recognize individuals who have provided extraordinary public service to their departments and the Association.

Syverson has worked for Decorah Parks and Recreation since 1976. She is the first and only person that has ever served as administrative coordinator for the department. Her knowledge of the Department and the parks and programs in Decorah is unparalleled. Syverson exudes a strong work ethic, zest for life, and commitment to the City of Decorah that has propelled the Decorah Parks and Recreation Department to become one of the premier Departments in the Midwest over the last 44 years.

“It has been an absolute honor to work with Judy. Judy is the essence of Decorah Parks & Recreation and her career’s work is exemplary and she is most deserving of this state-wide recognition” notes Parks and Recreation Director, Andy Nimrod.

Syverson recently lead an upgrade to the Department’s online registration program for recreation activities. Judy had created the department’s first ever electronic registration system in 1987 and she jumped at the opportunity to learn something new. Implementing this new system nearly 30 years later, Judy is a staunch supporter of the new system and even played a starring role in a rap video created to promote it on social media! It would have been easy for Judy to have put this new registration system off until after she retired. Her efforts benefit all of customers and users of the ystem and inspire Department staff to keep striving for improvement.

The IPRA is an organization made up of parks and recreation professionals throughout the state of Iowa.

Additional questions may be directed to the Andy Nimrod, Director, Parks & Recreation, 400 Claiborne Drive, Decorah, IA 52101 or 563-382-4158.


Road Work Ahead Newsletter 08-28-2020

Newsletter August 28, 2020 5

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Quarry Street Improvements

We have received some questions as to what exactly is happening as part of the Quarry Street improvements project, which is scheduled to start very soon. The primary purpose of the project is to increase the size of the storm sewer pipe that runs along Quarry Street from the College Drive/Quarry Street intersection to the levee.
Currently, much of the stormwater on the lower portion of Locust Road flows to a storm sewer pipe on College Drive that turns at Quarry Street and travels down Quarry Street to the levee. With the addition of curb and gutter and larger storm sewer pipes on Locust Road, the current Quarry Street storm sewer pipe is undersized. The project will also include new sidewalk on Quarry Street and a series of ditch checks in a drainageway above Dunning’s Spring Park to decrease stormwater velocities and prevent erosion.

Locust Road Improvements

We all may be wishing for some rain, but the dry weather has been good for construction crews as progress is moving along nicely on Locust Road. Installation of the new storm sewer pipes is almost complete, and the contractor has started grading the new roadway in preparation for paving the new concrete road.
If you have driven by Locust Road recently, you may have noticed many of the trees and brush along the side of the road have been removed. This will be done throughout much of the project to better

What if there’s an emergency?!?

Even with Locust Road being closed, emergency vehicle access is maintained at all times for residents that live in and around the construction zone.
View of Locust Road from the intersection of College Drive/Locust Road (looking east).
better accommodate the new wider roadway, but also to allow additional sunlight in the corridor in an effort to reduce icy road conditions in the winter.

The Cops’ Corner

The City has been made aware of an increase in traffic along Highland Drive heading east from Locust Road. Officers have increased patrol in this area and will continue to utilize the speed trailer in an attempt to reduce speed and gather traffic data. Temporary speed bumps will also be installed. The Police Department again asks people to please practice safe driving habits and be mindful of residential neighborhoods.

Luther College Campus Nominated for National Register of Historic Places

Decorah, IA (August 26, 2020) – The public is invited to comment on the National Register of Historic Places nomination of the Luther College Campus. The nomination will be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the Decorah Historic Preservation Commission (DHPC) on Tuesday,September 8, 2020, 2:00 pm, under the Whalen Cabin picnic shelter. The meeting will be outdoors, with mandated social distancing.

The nomination project began in late 2017 as a joint DHPC/Luther College initiative. The process included an initial Site Inventory by DHPC chair Mark Z. Muggli and Luther staff member Ryan Engelman, the hiring of Jan Olive Full as a professional consultant, and the summer 2018 research by more than twenty DHPC, Luther, and local researchers. Full’s complete nomination was accepted by the State Historic Preservation Office in spring 2020.

After the DHPC’s September 8 evaluation, the nomination will be forwarded to the State Nominations Review Committee, and from there to the Department of Interior for final approval.

Said DHPC secretary Judy van der Linden, “It’s a long, complicated process. But that’s what brings integrity to the whole National Register enterprise.”

“Although we’ve changed approaches a couple of times, with the oversight of the State Historic Preservation Office, we’re now quite confident that the nomination will move smoothly through
the state and national evaluations and that the campus will be listed on the National Register by the end of 2020” said DHPC chair Mark Z. Muggli.

Members of the public who wish to study the Luther College Campus nomination to prepare for the September 8 DHPC evaluation, should visit the City’s website at:

Luther College Campus Historic District – Registration Application

For further information contact Mark Z. Muggli, DHPC chair (; 612-720-5795).

This is an official city press release. Modifications of any kind are prohibited without express written consent of the
author. Any reprint or broadcast of this information must include this entire communication.
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