Surveys and Inventories

Over the years, local organizations and individuals have completed historic property Surveys that have been registered with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). Several of the most relevant local surveys are available by clicking on the links provided below.

Local organizations and individuals have also developed individual property Decorah Site Inventories, many of which are also registered with SHPO. Links are provided below. These inventories must be used with caution: some are minimally researched, and SHPO judgments of National Register eligibility often change over time. Please feel welcome to contact us with questions about specific Inventories. 



  • 202 Winnebago St. [Decorah Public Library, 1977]
  • 203 Pearl St. [Milwaukee Railroad Freight Station and Depot, File 1, 1974; File 2, 2017]
  • 105 Railroad Ave. [2002]
  • 2148 Twin Springs Rd. [2012]
  • 609 Heivly St. [2015]
  • Luther College Potential Historic District [2018]